A particular ship called at Lorient.

3 sept. 2018

Calling at the port of Lorient on July 31st and August 01st, the FEHN POLLUX was chartered to transport shredded tires to Morocco.

A particular ship called at Lorient.

This ship is very specific because it is equipped with a rotating tubular sail, still called "Flettner rotor".

These Flettner rotors use the Magnus effect. This principle is based on the fact that a rotating cylinder in the air will, by friction, change the velocity of the air flow around it, in an unsymmetrical way: On the one hand, the tubular sail by turning causes the air to accelerate, thus reducing the Pressure, while on the diametrically opposite side the air flow is braked and, concomitantly, the pressure rises. This pressure difference generates a thrust force perpendicular to the rotation axis of the sail ("lift effect") and thus propels the vessel.

Source http://www.cargos-paquebots.net/